Reguladores electroneumáticos en Escobar

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  • DID YOU KNOW? – A Brief Gripper History
PHD Grippers have evolved to state of the art products with machines tool accuracy, life cycle of millions, mechanical part retention, position feedback as well as incorporating auxiliary functions, in addition to simply gripping. Few grippers were available thirty to forty years ago and the vast majorities were based on toggle or linkage mechanism driven by an attached or integrated cylinder. This allowed the user a higher gripping force from a smaller gripper package. Today’s grippers are much more capable and complex. They utilize many different drive systems including simple toggle, rack and pinion, cams, scrolls and combinations of these systems. Some grippers have sophisticated feedback systems for velocity, position and force control.
NAT & Cía S.A. PHD
  • 24 Series / 54 Series / Bullet valve
  • Electro-pneumatic Regulator Series ER.
  • Series ER100 port G1/4
  • Series ER200 port G1/4 and G3/8
  • Electro-pneumatic Regulator
    • Step response time < 0,2 sec.
    • Hysteresis 0,5%
    • Linearity +/- 0,3%
    • Error output signal
    • Analog and digital output
    • Power supply voltage 24VDC
    • Models with maximum pressure 5 bar and 9 bar
    • Direct memory setting
    • Preset memory function 8-set points (3bits)
    • Error display function, pressure display
    • Zero/span adjustment function
    • Programmable
    • Analog and digital input
    • Digital display
    • Compact Design

NAT & Cía S.A. Camozzi Regulator
  • Series 1600 Mesh Nub Top ™
Developed for Fresh Cut industry applications, the Series 1600 Mesh Nub Top belt offers a non-stick, effective drainage solution for processors to minimize the risk of product loss.
NAT & Cía S.A. Intralox reguladores

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